Smart Building Conference 2016

What’s happening today in the front line of the battle for smart building– from an award-winning Smart Building, Audio-Visual & IT consultancy, systems integration and managed services practice. The technology embedded in ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ commercial buildings, driven by a blistering pace of development, makes new demands on design, construction and technology teams.  When commissioning building-wide technology, all the parties involved (architects, designers, technology specialists and M&E contractors) need to come to a mutual understanding of what is required and at what stage in the process. We’ve hit the limit of what’s possible until we can introduce new collaborative ways of working, Vanti CEO Mike Brooman will explain in this presentation.


  • Orchestrating a mutual understanding between the smart building stakeholders
  • Shared knowledge from an integrator’s practical experiences
  • Understanding the current limitations defined by the way we work