Jul 2008–Oct 2008: Carillion- Wolverhampton

  • Business data replatforming
  • Performed analysis of data extracts and business logic from legacy applications
  • Identified and documented extract, transform and load methods for importing legacy data on to new platform

May 2008–Jun 2008: London Stock Exchange (LSE)

  • Worked independently to build LSE Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) development environment for proof of concept
  • Created end-to-end demonstrations for LSE IT directors
  • Provided on-going input in to the design of the production environment and deployment approaches that included high availability and active-active clustering at all tiers

Mar 2008–May 2008: Accenture European Oracle Innovation Centre- Reading

  • BEA / Oracle product stack comparison –developed a loan approval scenario for a bank in both stacks with US team. Subsequently presented to alliance partners at both Oracle and BEA
  • Developed the SOA Project Accelerator and received an award 2 months later for its contribution to winning the London Stock Exchange project
  • Wrote backend application to enable new Accelerator instance creation and the packaging of instances for redistribution to clients

Jun 2007–Feb 2008: Dell Computers- Bracknell, Montpellier (France), Penang (Malaysia), Austin (USA)

  • Promoted to Consultant 6 months after joining Accenture
  • Facilitated sessions with the Enterprise Architecture team to develop a holistic approach to refresh all application inventories that could be applied to the global standardisation of Dell’s application footprint
  • Taught real-time data gathering / documentation approach to a wider group of stakeholders for on-going internal use
  • Overcame data complexity issues by independently developing data visualisation techniques including 3D modelling of complex application landscapes
  • Delivery of the Application and Interface Inventories for EMEA and US
  • Engaged with client at all levels- Developer to Vice President